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The Lowdown with Sidewalk District

by Scott Solomon

One of the great things about shopping in a big city is the ability to look inside a store and see the brand new pair of sneakers you have been looking for. The sidewalk is free advertising for stores with a great location and a density of stores. But, for local shops and stores not located in the same area, it’s hard to walk past all your favorite stores on the same sidewalk. Sidewalk District, the brian-child of Janelle Jolley (@jolleyjanelle), founder and CEO, provides users with a virtual sidewalk that places all of their favorite local stores in one easy to find location.

Here’s Janelle with the lowdown on the Sidewalk District.

Rain or shine, Sidewalk District is always open. The application gives you the ability to browse by category your favorite local shops. So, take a scroll through Sidewalk District’s virtual and beautifully simple sidewalk.

Get social with Sidewalk District @Sidewalk_Dist and check out the startups Facebook page. The company recently launched a gofundme campaign, so if you wish to learn more about how you can help follow the link here.

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