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The Lowdown with QGenda

by Scott Solomon

Doctors have taxing jobs and often highly uncertain schedules. So, wouldn’t it be cool if physicians had a way to monitor their schedule on the go? Even swap shifts and request vacations with a simple swipe and tap of a finger? Well, we say yes, but more importantly doctors around the nation have taken notice of the mobile-friendly application, QGenda.

Brian Akselrad, Software Consultant at QGenda, quickly breaks down the features available with the startups convient application. By heavily reducing time previously devoted to creating and altering call schedules, physicians can now use that time more effectively. QGenda helps practices increase productivity internally while improving customer service.

If you would like to learn more about QGenda visit their blog here. Get social with QGenda on Facebook and feel free to chirp the up with on twitter @QGenda.




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