The Lowdown with Pipefish

Finding new movies you’re willing to watch is a lot like trying to find Nemo in the deep blue sea. How many hours are wasted searching on Netflix before settling on a Blue Planet documentary? For me, it’s way too many.

Pipefish (@pipefishapp), the recommendation engine, uses your interest “clones” to fix the leak in your decision making process. By finding people who share your same taste and interest, Pipefish gathers data and recommends more relevant options. The startup helps you collaboratively find new things that best fits your interest. In the video below Michael Mealling (@mmealling), co-founder at Pipefish, expounds on the details of the application.

“You are more than the sum of your Facebook friends,” is the Pipefish motto. It’s also a poignantly accurate statement for many Facebook users with excessive amounts of friends – most of which they (myself included) barely know. Pipefish is your entertainment matchmaker.

If you’re interested in learning more view the company’s Facebook page here and follow the latest developments on the Pipefish blog. So go forth and test beta version here.