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The Inside Scoop on PEAR’d

by Tricia Whitlock

PEAR’d is a startup for startups:
They are starting a connected productivity movement in the Atlanta entrepreneurial community with their upcoming Entrepreneur Collaboration Network. This social platform will provide startup teams, innovation hubs, and anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit the access to connect with the startup ecosystem and all of its resources.

PEAR’d is uniquely different from other social networks because every user also has a complete tool set for online collaboration and project/initiative management all in one location. The network’s aim is to lower the barriers into entrepreneurship by making the discovery of needed talent, resources and support accessible to every current and future entrepreneur.

They are looking for early users, check em’ out & sign up

Who is in this kick ass team:
Daniel Santos - CEO (CoFounder)
Daniel Santos, CEO and Co-Founder, received his B.A. in English Literature & Business from Florida State University. Before PEAR’d, he worked for Aderant and Suntrust Bank.

Jerica Richardson - Strategic Initiatives, CMO (CoFounder)
Jerica Richardson, Strategic Initiatives, CMO and Co-Founder, received her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Before PEAR’d, she worked for Aderant and authored her first book.

Bradford Franklin - COO (CoFounder)
Bradford Franklin, COO and Co-Founder, received his B.A. in Risk Management & Insurance from Florida State University. For the past nine years he has held various positions at Target, Inc., most recently as Executive Team Lead, Logistics.

Demetrius McCorvey - CFO (CoFounder)
Demetrius McCorvey, CFO and Co-Founder, received his B.A. in Business Management and Economics from Florida State University. From 2006 to 2013, he held various positions at Target, Inc., most recently as Team Lead, Logistics.

Kristine Santos - Social Media Director (CoFounder)
Kristine Santos, Director of Social Media and Co-Founder, attended the University of North Carolina where she graduated with a double major in Anthropology and Archaeology.


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