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GA Cognitive Sci Major Creates Group Message App | Textr

by Carey Tucker

Over the past decade, a myriad of messaging platforms have emerged that enable us to communicate in new ways. Twitter allows anyone, anywhere, anytime to make their voice heard. WhatsApp has over 800 million active users and has all but eradicated SMS outside the U.S. Even Khloe Kardashian has got in the game with a new app called, ‘Begroupd.’ As more and more continue to enter the market, we’re always excited to see which ones will stick. UGA Marketing and Cognitive Science major, Sam Getty, has thrown his hat in the ring with his new app, Textr. We recently caught up with the Dawgs’ latest entrepreneur to get the scoop.

“Textr is a social media app for messaging that allows users to connect with friends in a whole new way. It is great for live content, messaging friends, and connecting with people around you,” explains Getty. “If you are a freshman at your dorm, simply create a group, tag your college, and ask who wants to get food to have an easy way to meet new people. If there is a football game happening, join a group with friends or fans to talk about the game as it happens. If you see a cool article, post it and see what people have to say about it. Textr is the modern messaging app and it makes talking with people simpler.”

Getty got the idea from his dissatisfaction with current social media. “I wanted to connect with my friends without the pressure that comes from profile-focused apps,” he continues. “Like Snapchat, the profile on Textr is a small part of the app. The main focus is messaging. In addition, since all groups are deleted 24 hours after the last message is sent, everything is focused on the present and not on the past.”

Textr Screenshot 1Textr Screenshot 2

Screenshots of the Textr App

“Our main competition would be Twitter or Yik Yak from the social media aspect and Groupme from the messaging aspect. The main difference with Twitter is that Textr allows people to have continuous conversations. Textr is about messaging with your friends and connecting with them beyond a post. The obvious difference with Yik Yak is that Textr is not an anonymous app,” says Getty. “Where Textr differs from traditional messaging apps, such as Groupme, is through its ‘following’ features. Dynamic homepages let people see trending groups as well as groups from people they are friends with or following. Groups can be created for public view, friends only view, or a feature called ‘view-only,’ which lets people see a conversation, but not message in it.”

Sam chose to become an entrepreneur because of a desire to better himself and help others. “I personally believe anyone can change the world if they want. I do not have the best connections or the most money, but I do have passion and I care about what I am doing,” he states. “Being able to create something that positively affects people on a large scale is an amazing thought. If Textr goes the way I want it to, I would love to get into the medical market. I want to help people at the end of the day and Textr is a good path to get me there.”

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