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Steps to Terminus | CEO Spett Secures $1.8M in Seed Funds

by Kristyn Back

Terminus, a B2B account-based marketing startup, recently locked down a $1.8 million seed investment to grow the team from 20 to 50. The major players at the table included David Cummings of Atlanta Ventures, Tim Kopp of HPVP (Hyde Park Venture Partners), Andrew Dorman of Knoll Ventures, and Patrick Meenan of Arthur Ventures.

Every great deal has an even greater backstory, so we sat down with Eric Spett, CEO, to hear how Terminus has spread its roots and grown.

Spett entered the startup scene like many – with an idea that went under within a few short years. Rising from the ashes, he marched forward and asked to meet with David Cummings, who Spett initially met a few years back when pitching his first startup. At the Starbucks a stone’s throw away from what is now Atlanta Tech Village, the two had coffee. By the end of the meeting, Spett was offered one of the first positions at Cummings’ fresh new startup, Kevy.

Fast forward to January of 2014, a year after starting at Kevy, when Spett had his startup mojo back, his debts paid off and was once again ready to discuss his trajectory with his mentor. The two discussed plans that would lead Spett in a new direction – the launch of Terminus.

Since first laying its tracks, Terminus has shifted from selling ad campaigns to a B2B SaaS powerhouse in a race to become the fastest growing software company in Atlanta. Earlier this year, Terminus grew from four to 20 employees and landed deals with upward of 70 customers. Aside from Spett, driving forces behind Terminus’ success is Eric Vass, CTO, Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder & CMO, and a team of talented “Terminators.”

While Spett and his crew are currently cozied up at ATV, the influx of new hires will likely take them to new digs. Spett isn’t sold on the idea quite yet, but we hear the team has their eyes fixed on the much admired Ponce City Market. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Want to learn more about Terminus? Connect with them on FacebookTwitter or Google+. Also, see Spett briefly speak about Terminus to Atlanta-based production company Friendly Human at last week’s Venture Atlanta conference:


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