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Terminus Threads | Upcycled Pocket Squares

by Tricia Whitlock

So you’ve mastered the mustache, wiggled on your skinny jeans, and donned your feather accented fedora. What’s next on your mission to hipsterdom? The pocket square of course.

Terminus Threads (a play on Atlanta’s original name) is “crafting something from nothing” by turning trimmings the from the high fashion industry into pocket squares, coasters, and table napkins. This fabric is definitely not run-of-the-mill, it’s the same quality fabrics used to make those $600 shirts in boutiques. Since Terminus can only make so many items from each remnant, each piece is pretty unique, with only a handful of others existing.

This ecommerce business was started by Stacey James who runs Polygon, the tech event space in Atlantic Station & J. Cornelius of Nine Labs and the Atlanta Web Design Group. Their Shopify store launched on November 29th and orders are already pouring in.

Want a deal? Enter promo code “hype” for 10% off.



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