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TechCrunch Dishes On PeachDish

by Tricia Whitlock

This week TechCrunch published a piece on PeachDish, a local startup that brings a dinner date for two right to your home.

Get the full scoop on PeachDish from us here & then read below for some of our favorite TechCrunch excerpts:

  • “This is a long game and PeachDish has built its company to be lean and effective.”
  • “I’ve loved running PeachDish as a lean business because it has forced us to be more innovative with everything from our marketing strategy to our packaging.”- Irvani
  • “It takes just two clicks from the point a person says they want to subscribe to making the payment. That is, as long as that person subscribes to Amazon. If not, it’s a traditional payment process. ‘We wanted to partner with Amazon because we decided it’s better to embrace the ‘wheel’ rather than reinvent it’ ” -Irvani
  • “The founder tells me there are a lot of perks to being located in Atlanta including easy access to transportation hubs and access to local farms.”


Read more from TechCrunch: Atlanta’s PeachDish Aims To Outflank Plated, Blue Apron With Smarter Logistics And Southern Hospitality.

[Photo Credit: http://imaginemediaconsulting.com/portfolio/peachdish/]


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