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Taking The Paper Out of Work

by Raven Davis

Healthcare professionals, rejoice! We may have just found a way for you to avoid that endless trail of paperwork, once and for all. Based out of Strongbox West , Remsen Media provides technology solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, helping them to streamline data and connect with professional and consumer targets.

Read Roberts , the company’s founder, was able to tell us more about this local company and how it’s simplifying healthcare:

Year/Date Founded:

Founders/Execs :

Funding or bootstrapped:

Your Pitch:
Remsen Media provides web software enabling pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to stay on top of the latest medical research and influential researchers relevant to their brand.   Our tools aggregate real-time content, including published scientific journal articles, clinical trials, and conference presentations in a single dashboard, customized to each company’s specific needs.   Analysis tools which include influence calculations, geographic maps, and network analysis help scientific and marketing teams understand their market.

How’d You Get The Idea For It:
I previously worked for a large healthcare marketing agency and saw first-hand how much time was being wasted on trying to manually capture the vast amount of knowledge available on the internet. I knew there had to be a better way, and companies would find tremendous value in not having their scientific staff spend weeks compiling research as a service to their pharmaceutical clients.

Revenue Model:

Software licensing plus custom development fees at the onset of individual projects.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out:
Large life sciences consultants such as Heartbeat Experts and Snowfish could be considered competitors, though they have slightly different focuses. These are much larger companies with extremely expensive service fees, and Remsen Media is able to stand out by being agile, entrepreneurial, and on top of the latest uses of web technology. We have developed several proprietary tools for aggregating data and algorithmically calculating researcher influence that do not exist elsewhere.

How does ATL weave into your story?

Atlanta is my hometown, and we moved back here several years ago after over a decade in NYC. It is a great environment for running my business and balancing my personal life. Having my office at Strongbox has allowed me to meet some very smart, creative people with great ideas.

If you could have one mulligan (do-over) in the process of launching and running this startup what would it be?

Not losing focus. A year into my business, when things were looking rough, I began to reconsider my original vision in starting the business. We began to take on clients that weren’t core to the initial plan.   When things began picking up shortly thereafter I was not able to give these clients the time and attention they deserved.

What kind of mentor could you use the most right now:
Someone with the experience to help me evaluate the overall direction of our current business and focus energy on the right areas of new product development.

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