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Software Award Winners

by Tricia Whitlock

The TAG Southeastern Software Association (SSA), one of the founding members of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), recently announced the winners for the fifth annual TAG SSA Impact Awards.

Technology Solutions Provider- Prime Revenue

Independent Software Vendor- Arke Systems

Corporate Internal Software Development- Weather Channel

Where Georgia Leads: Health IT- Bioscape Digital

Emerging Mega Trend- Star Mobile

Each year the these awards recognize companies and their teams who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in bringing new technology solutions to market. The judges for the event were looking for three criteria in selecting the winning entries:

  • Business impact: how much are these companies disrupting their industry? To what degree are they leading positive change?
  • Complexity: to what degree is the companies’ solution difficult to replicate
  • Creative: how unique is the concept behind the companies’ value proposition



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