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Student Makers & Vibrators

by Tricia Whitlock

Comingle has launched the Multivibe, a vibrating dildo that you can customize to your heart’s content: make it vibrate how you want, respond to your level of excitement, react to your partner’s movements, throb to the beat… whatever melts your butter. Comingle is focused on DIY open-source sex technology and documents/shares designs for hacking existing devices as well as providing parts and kits for building new forms of sex toys. Check out our scoop on their first hack (wack?) at it.

The Team:
Andrew Quitmeyer– Engineering undergrad from University of Illinois. Currently working on Ph.D. in Digital Media at GT.
Craig Durkin– Materials science and engineering from tech, co-founder at concrete jungle. Professional background in nanotechnology and process engineering
Paul Clifton– Industrial engineering undergrad from GT. Currently working on Ph.D. in Digital Media at GT.

More on the multi-vibe:  
  • 3 powerful vibrating shaft motors
  • USB-rechargeable battery
  • Completely programmable& open-source
  • Winner of the Arse Elektronika 2014 Golden Kleene award for Most Innovative Sex Toy
  • OOOO lala. They are looking for beta testers

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