Strolling EdgewoodAve | Online Window Shopping

Named after Edgewood Avenue and the vibrant culture it represents in Atlanta, e-commerce platform, is re-thinking how we shop online. Founders Rick Lockett and Joseph Willet are working hard to bring a more holistic experience to online shopping, similar to what we might find at brick and mortar stores.

Frustrated by the fragmented (and mostly overwhelming experience) of shopping online, these two decided to build a platform that helps consumers connect with brands. Each brand or designer has an image-driven store front, that people can explore. Imagine going shopping on a nearby street, and entering the stores that peak your interest and experiencing the environment the shop owner created. Except on this street you can filter out stores that don’t fit your current shopping criteria and be wearing your favorite pajamas. Welcome to has just had its first birthday and they are still in the early stages of implementing their platform. So, check it out and drop them a note to let them know what you think.

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