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STEM STARS | Bringing Together Coding & Business Skills

by Carey Tucker

Over the past few months, we have covered a handful of startups who are trying to assist in the gargantuan task of revamping America’s education system (check out our coverage of MySTEMKits and iSchool Initiative). With STEM Day taking place last week, the city of Atlanta as well as the state of Georgia are striving to be at the forefront of this growing movement. Atlanta-based startup STEM STARS teaches kids not only to code, but also supplies them with the business skills necessary to launch their innovative tech projects.

Founded by Steve Brown (CEO), “STEM STARS is a next generation e-learning platform that allows students to learn, build, launch, and crowdfund their projects in real-time thru the web,” explains Brown. “We created STEM STARS not just to teach kids how to code, but to inspire them to become the next generation of technology entrepreneurs. Students have access to code mentors and successful leaders in science, technology, and marketing who provide guidance on learning and building incredible projects. We are committed to educating the next generation of minds with real-world training and entrepreneurial skills for the 21st Century.”

STEM STARS’ curriculum includes JavaScript, ASP, PHP AJAX, Rails, CORDOBA, UBUNTU, and other proprietary scripts they’ve created. However, they don’t just provide one dimensional training that simply teaches coding. “We actually allow students to create, launch and manage their completed tech projects just like real companies,” he says. “With the billions of dollars being poured into the re-design of the education system in the US and abroad, the US government is looking for organizations such as ours to provide STEM based e-learning solutions to millions of students for the the new job market.”

Steve Brown STEM STARS
Steve Brown, STEM STARS Founder & CEO

Brown is a seasoned and dynamic technology professional with over 15 years of industry experience in application development, technology product analysis, and startup business mentoring. As a programmer, Brown has been team lead on development projects with several biometric security firms, the State of Georgia Tax Division, and SunTrust. In 2015, Steve was nominated to be a Judge for the 2015 International CES Expo where he selected the top science & technology products for 2015.

A Georgia Tech grad, Brown has been in Georgia’s capital for almost 10 years. “I love Atlanta. The startup ecosystem is ripe in this city. I am a technology policy advocate. I am on the front lines here in Atlanta working with city officials and entrepreneurs to help tech startups get the tools and support from the city they need to thrive,” asserts Brown. “Recently, I helped get legislation passed that allowed all science and tech companies to have their business setup fees waived if they open their businesses here in Atlanta.”

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