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Staffit: Changing the Way We Find Talent

by Carey Tucker

Launched in June of last year, Staffit is an online platform that allows companies and entrepreneurs to find talent in a more proactive way. It gives consulting firms, staffing firms, and independent consultants the ability to promote their talent to willing buyers. The idea is to speed up the hiring process by proactively broadcasting talent as opposed to placing job reqs. Staffit was created by OneSpring LLC, who we covered a few weeks ago. OneSpring CEO, Jason Moccia gives you the scoop on Staffit below.

What problem are you solving?: We’re trying to create a new way to find great people. We like to say, “The job req is so 1990’s.” The typical cycle of a company placing a job req is like fishing for candidates. We want to be more precise by allowing people to market their availability to willing buyers. Our goal is to reduce the candidate conversion rate by 50%.

Describe the market/industry impact: The market is filled with consulting and staffing companies looking to increase their utilization rate.

Revenue Model: We charge for promoting an individual. The promotion piece of our technology allows consulting firms, staffing firms, and independent consultants to actively market themselves directly to potential buyers. The buyers are any companies or individuals looking for talent. Currently, the tool is 100% free for buyers.

How’d you get the idea for it?: OneSpring came up with the idea because we had consultants that were “sitting on the bench.” In other words, they were in between projects. We wanted to figure out a way to promote their availability.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?: There are some competitors but their target market is a little different. For example; Elance, oDesk and Guru. However, these firms cater to freelancers. Our tool is geared more toward consulting and staffing companies.

How does ATL weave into your story?: We started OneSpring in Atlanta in 2005. We actually just moved our office to Avalon in Alpharetta. Atlanta is bustling with technology professionals and creative types.


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