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Springbot Shows How Retailers Make Holiday Revenue Rain

by Kristyn Back

Our preferred method for snagging holiday deals is in comfy pj’s and bunny slippers with a cup of hot cocoa. So, it was no surprise to us when Atlanta-based Springbot told us cyber shopping revenue was on the rise. We recently caught up with the eCommerce marketing platform’s Co-Founder & CEO, Brooks Robinson, to hear how they’re helping small- and medium-sized retailers rain in revenue this holiday season.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth this year around social media marketing,” said Robinson. “Instagram campaigns have shown the most revenue generation, with Twitter campaigns also on the rise. On Cyber Monday, revenue increased by 13% over last season, two times higher than the industry estimated 6% increase in online sales for small retailers. I always recommend making sure businesses leverage all their social media channels and look at their paths to purchase to see how revenue is generated.”

Local Springbot customers, like Country Club Prep, have been thrilled by the high level of engagement they’ve had with their customers. Matt Watson of CCP stated that they saw “a 52% increase in revenue for Cyber Monday over 2014, as well as a 31% increase in site traffic, 58% increase in order volume, and 25% increase in conversion rate.”

Robinson also stated that Springbot’s eCommerce stores saw a growth of 130% in the total revenue generated across social media channels. With the continued rise of Cyber Monday spending, companies like Springbot expect to see retailers continue to utilize social media campaigns to engage their customers for many holidays to come.

See Springbot’s full report on marketing trends here. If you’re interested in learning more about social marketing read up on their tips and tricks.

Springbot is also looking for new team members. If you’re interested, be sure to check out their job listings.

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