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Cross Mental Math & Waiting on the Server off of your Dining To-Do list.

by Tricia Whitlock

The latest Burning Plan by NEX Labs highlighted the young team at Split, a behavior-focused customer relationship management solution aimed at revolutionizing the dining industry. By using this platform restaurant owners and operators create, manage and cultivate potential regulars, in turn increasing foot traffic and revenue.

At Burning Plan, led by Michelle MorganRayann Larsen & Angela Stalcup, an entrepreneur or startup team is given the chance to present their full business plan. The audience then brainstorms solutions to gaps in the plan and offers suggestions for moving forward. Here’s the run down of Split’s presentation:

The Problems in the Restaurant Industry 

  • Lack of feedback loops
  • Difficulty in direct marketing and cultivating relationships with regulars
  • Poor customer experience in waiting for and splitting the bill

The Split Solution 

  • Prevent negative ratings by allowing for instant feedback
  • Provide an individual dining experience and mobile deals based on client preferences
  • Cull data to provide context to ratings for restaurants (like weather)
  • The best part… easily split the check and pay without having to wait on the waiter or bother mathematically dividing up the bill

Questions from the Audience –

  • Integration with POS systems already in place?
  • How to focus on both B2B and B2C at the same time?
  • Location of initial testing (city vs. suburb)?
  • How to handle operational and customer service challenges?


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