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Son Solves Pain Point For Mother’s Cancer Battle

by Raven Davis

“Communication and coordination of tasks among teams of healthcare providers inside and outside the hospital is still phone and fax driven,” explains Robert Connely, co-founder of local healthIT startup Carematics. “ It wastes valuable time and effort that could be re-directed toward better patient care overall.”

Carematics, based out of Atlanta Tech Village, provides cloud-based software solutions that automate the creation, coordination and tracking of hospital discharge referrals to multiple providers and other care team members across the community.

“By automating time-consuming administrative tasks and allowing for mobile care coordination, Carematics allows case managers, discharge coordinators, and physicians to focus on higher acuity patients. This helps reduce the possibility of readmission and enables the hospital to provide a higher level of patient satisfaction and outcomes,” says Connely.

The startup was founded in 2013 by Connely along with Jon Pokrzyk and Bill Sims. Sims came up with the idea after experiencing firsthand the inefficiencies and complications of coordinating healthcare for his mother who has battled four different cancers in the last 20 years.

Carematics will ultimately reduce the “transactional friction” that naturally occurs when coordinating teams of disparate healthcare resources when arranging the necessary collaborative care.”

Carematics markets to healthcare providers, such as hospitals or rehab facilities, and operates on a monthly subscription model. As of now, their chief competitor is Allscripts, although, due to the healthcare organization’s growing need for these kinds of software solutions, many startups are emerging offering similar services as well. Connely explains, “The healthcare landscape is changing and with the regulatory requirements set forth by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), organizational readiness for ensuring patients stay healthy, manage their chronic diseases, and prevent hospital re-admissions is paramount.”

It is this growing need in the healthcare IT industry that has played a large role in their choice to be based out of Atlanta, says Connely. “Many of us are natives of the Atlanta area and are aware of the vast array of opportunity available, especially since Atlanta is widely recognized as the epicenter for HealthcareIT leadership.”

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