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The World’s Largest Valentine’s Day Experiment

by Carey Tucker

Even with all the means of communication available in 2015, there’s no replacing a handwritten card or letter. Be Someone’s Valentine is looking to create the world’s largest Valentine’s Day experiment by sending beautiful, handwritten cards to random people. For $5.99, you can send a card to a complete stranger and make their Saturday that much sweeter. Be Someone’s Valentine is a project created by TJ Muehleman, Cofounder of We&Co and Standard Code. Back in December, we covered TJ and all the exciting work he’s doing in Atlanta. But, it’s something that his team at Standard Code are doing for the month of February that really caught our eye.

Standard Code is an Atlanta development shop. As all developers know too well, even the best ideas fail to meet the mark without properly communicating their value to prospective users. In order to improve their team’s communication skills, Standard Code created “$$$ February,” a competition between its employees to see who can build the most profitable product in the month of February. Each developer is encouraged to work on their project this month and on February 28th, the most Dollars In Pocket wins (Revenue – Costs = DIP). The winner will receive a cash prize and potentially a trophy. Entrepreneurship and startups go hand in hand, but it’s seriously cool to see entrepreneurship like this promoted within an entire office.

If warming a stranger’s heart this weekend isn’t for you, there are seven other cool projects competing for that trophy: you can receive daily motivational coaching from Kim Jong Un, get custom theme songs/backing tracks, or get three texts a day containing simple exercises. Be sure to follow Standard Code on Twitter to keep up with more of their shenanigans.


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