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Tech, Twisters & Drones… Oh My! | Crowdfunder of the Week

by Ryan Waller

The Talent:  Warren Causey, Founder/Engineer.  Nolan Lunsford, Programmer/Flight Design. Brent Bouthiller, Project Engineer/Flight Controls (pictured left to right)

The Project: Developing drones to further understand tornado dynamics for more reliable warnings and structures.

The Sirens Project was founded by SPSU student Warren Causey in 2013. The purpose of the project is “to provide meteorologists and engineers with valuable surface data inside of tornadoes.” To achieve this, the team will be using specially designed drones equipped with a sensor package to probe the tornado for barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity. Each data point will be related to a GPS coordinate and elevation to create a 3D representation of the inside the tornado.

The Crowdfunding Goal: $10,000

Why $10,000? To build more drones which are designed to be disposable. Many of them don’t survive the tornado intercept, so they need several in order to get as many data sets as possible. They also need gas money to chase the tornadoes and retrieve more data.

Visit their Kickstarter page & help them to make it happen

[Photo Credit: The Siren Project]

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