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Sex Toys + Georgia Tech Boys

by Tricia Whitlock

3 GT Students are Working to Disrupt the Condom & Sex Toy Market

The Talent: 

  • Andrew Quitmeyer– Engineering undergrad from University of Illinois. Currently working on Ph.D. in Digital Media at GT.
    Craig Durkin– Materials science and engineering from tech, co-founder at concrete jungle. Professional background in nanotechnology and process engineering
    Paul Clifton– Industrial engineering undergrad from GT. Currently working on Ph.D. in Digital Media at GT.

The Scoop:

  • They are working on launching Comingle a site that “works to develop DIY open-source sex technology.” Their goal is to document and share designs for hacking existing devices as well as providing parts and kits for building new forms of sex toys.
  • Comingle is expected to launch Aug 2014 and is intended to become a “nexus for sharing iterations and improvements with others a la Adafruit’s microcontroller enthusiast community. They figure to make money directly selling device components that are difficult to find elsewhere.” -FC
  • The students have created an “Electric Eel” prototype using multiple conductors on a condom to zap the wearer’s shaft with low-voltage electricity.
  • Their plan is to include biometric sensors that’ll allow a range of inputs to the sex toy’s code (like zapping with each intake of breath.)


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