SalesLoft Gets $800,000 Investment

SalesLoft just received an investment of $800,000 from Tom Noonan.

The Scoop:

  • SalesLoft is a software startup that helps businesses find customers by collecting public data and building targeted lists of prospects on the Internet.
  • SalesLoft currently employs around 20 people and has recurring revenue of $2.5 million. They plan to use the new investment in product development and add 55 sales and tech jobs over the next couple years.
  • The company was founded in 2011 by Kyle Porter and David Cummings. Porter is a graduate of Georgia Tech University and also founded B2BCamp. Currently, Porter serves as CEO, with Tim Dorr as cofounder, Rob Forman as COO as well as cofounder, and David Cummings as Chairman.
  • SalesLoft is located in Atlanta Tech Village.
  • In 2012, SalesLoft was recognized by the Technology Association of Georgia as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies.
  • SalesLoft ¬†joined TechStars in the summer of 2012, which is one of the top technology accelerators in the country.

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