Roadie Delivers $10K Parcel Insurance through UPS Capital Deal

Roadie, the Atlanta-based neighbor-to-neighbor delivery network, boosted their shipping capabilities this week with news that they will be able to insure parcels up to $10,000 through UPS Capital, a subsidiary of the shipment goliath UPS.

Dedicated to “sending stuff faster, cheaper and friendlier,” the crowdsourced delivery company launched less than a year ago. Since January 2015, more than 175,000 people have downloaded the Roadie app, which allows users to ship local, long distance, same day, next day and even on weekends through drivers headed in your direction (think Uber for sending things).

“With the expertise UPS Capital provides in secure logistics, Roadie senders have even more peace of mind that their items are protected,” said Marc Gorlin, founder and chief executive officer of Roadie in a statement. “Giving our senders increased confidence that their shipments are protected is just one more way the Roadie community is winning loyal customers and providing another way for people to ship items.”

If you haven’t downloaded the Roadie app, you can do so here. The service automatically protects items with a value up to $500 at no additional charge.  Now that Roadie senders can protect shipments up to $10,000 through UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc, customers can elect to protect a $5,000 item for only $45.

For more information about this cool Atlanta startup, check out the Roadie Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as previous Hypepotamus coverage.

[Image Source: Roadie]