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Rimidi Remedies Chronic Disease with Diabetes+Me

by Kristyn Back

Over 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, a chronic disease that remains the 7th leading cause of death in the country. So, in an effort to alleviate the delivery of diabetes care, Atlanta-based Rimidi created Diabetes+Me, a cloud-based platform that identifies and closes gaps in managing the condition – and it’s working. Patients who used the Diabetes+Me app lowered their hemoglobin A1c levels by 2% more than your typical standard care.

In an effort to reduce the effects of diabetes felt by healthcare providers, payers, and patients, Rimidi is relieving critical complications found in healthcare through innovative tech solutions like Diabetes+Me. We recently spoke with CEO, Dr. Lucienne Ide, to find out how Rimidi remedies the chronic condition with their flagship platform.

Rimidi first launched Diabetes+Me in 2014 which was followed up with an investment from local conglomerate, Cox Enterprises, in April 2015. Dr. Ide stated that the platform allows healthcare providers to connect with their patients by inviting them to use Diabetes+Me. From there, patients use the app to track everything from blood sugar levels to lifestyle changes (like fitness and food tracking).

“What we do is make patient data actionable and understandable,” stated Dr. Ide. “Incoming data allows healthcare providers to understand how the patient is doing, where they need to be, and what level of care they may need next.”

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With serious complications from diabetes ranging from kidney failure and heart attack to blindness, Diabetes+Me helps keep these harmful side effects at bay by informing healthcare providers of their patients current state of well-being and need for care. This continuous line of communication allows patients to not only receive a higher level of support and engagement from their doctor but can ultimately improve their quality of life.

Rimidi hopes to continue delivering a fresh approach to solving healthcare problems using technologies like Diabetes+Me. In a recent report by ACT | The App Association, Diabetes+Me is among the top three breakout stars for healthcare apps – a huge opportunity considering 86% of clinicians say mobile apps will play a central role in patient health by 2020. This March, Dr. Ide will also be participating in ACT’s technology demo which expects to draw attendance from members of congress and 250+ telehealth professionals across the public and private sector.

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Diabetes + Me from Rimidi on Vimeo.

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