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Rigor Acquires Zoompf to Become Web Performance Powerhouse

by Kristyn Back

Rigor, a web performance and user experience monitoring company, has acquired the web optimization service Zoompf in a storied fashion. Like Woody and Buzz, Kirk and Spock, or Wayne and Garth, Billy Hoffman of Zoompf and Craig Hyde of Rigor are unstoppable comrades who have blazed trails together since meeting at Startup Riot in 2011.

The Georgia Tech grads built their web performance companies separately but continued to stay in touch. Destiny dealt them continued run-ins at the Atlanta Tech Village and through ATDC Signature.

Hyde and Hoffman’s decision to join forces has the potential to develop a game changing product for web performance. “There is this need for data, but people need actionable information that allows them to fix the problem – and that’s what our product does,” said Hoffman. 

Mutually driven by speed, with Rigor seeking to answer “how fast is my site,” and Zoompf challenging themselves with “what can I do to make it faster,” the merger seemed an inevitable conclusion. It happened after deep discussions on how the distinct attributes of their companies could work  together. Through the acquisition, Rigor will integrate Zoompf technology into its SaaS platform. This will provide performance management and prescriptive analytics to the two startups’ future and existing clients, which include Conde Nast, NCR, StubHub, Home Depot and the Weather Channel.

“We already signed eight joint customers, five of which happened within the first week,” said Hoffman. “We are really excited to have a growing company with great advisors to help us expand,” added Hyde. “We are kicking ass in the market, but it’s truly Atlanta’s ecosystem that helped us get where we are today. We can build independent companies anywhere, but it’s the resources here that enabled us to build something meaningful.”

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