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Relately’s Culture, Tools, Trends & Needs

by Tricia Whitlock

Relately (@Relately), a SaaS tool that  helps folks stay in touch.

A few weeks ago we gave you a rundown of the company, their prices & their what customers get. Check it out, and then continue reading below to learn how Relately started, what’s unique about their culture, what they need most right now and more.

How you got the idea for it:
Relationships are extremely important. Most successful business owners have a strong network of individuals they help and who are helping them to succeed. We all know relationships are important for referrals, introductions, new ideas, and more, but we don’t have efficient ways to maintain those relationships.

My big realization was at my last job at a sales effectiveness company. As part of the sales training, we also helped others communicate and build their networks. It helped me see all the times in my life that relationships made a big impact and helped me be more successful and that we all forget about so many people we meet in the past because it’s hard to keep up with everyone.

Businesses and teams are only using a very small percentage of their relationships, as well. We’re able to help teams maintain more relationships, find previously unknown relationships to open up opportunities for the business, and empower individuals to build better relationships for themselves and their business.

Collaboration tools & processes you use:
We use Relately for keeping in touch with our relationships, both business and personal. Hipchat for staying in communication with our team. We also use Google Docs for writing and collaboration. Team members have their own preference of other tools to help them accomplish their workflow.

Where do you gain your insights from and how do you stay on top of emerging trends?
I have a long list of RSS feeds that I try and go through daily. Mainly blogs and podcasts. If I’m driving, I’m trying to listen to either an audio book, podcast, or some audio training. If I have others in the car with me, they help me stay on top of emerging music trends.

What’s unique about your company culture:
We all share similar hobbies: ultimate frisbee, fitness, board games, Relately, and food. We’re located close enough that we get together in person a couple of times a week which helps for keeping relationships close within the company.

What you need most right now:
Help spreading the word to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who understands the value of relationships to their business.

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