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by Astrid Paris

By this month’s end, there will have been at least 17 different nights of tech-related meetups going on in Atlanta (and this is only counting the meetups I belong to!). The city is booming with eager entrepreneurs, young startups, and customers and investors who can make dreams happen. Opportunities abound for creating new relationships!

You can make the most of your connections by keeping them alive. There’s a SaaS tool called Relately (@Relately) that sets out to bridge that gap between the first handshake and a cup of coffee many moons later.

We caught up with the Relately team to hear more about how the software helps folks stay in touch:

Your Pitch:
Stop forgetting to stay in touch with the most important people to your business’ growth. Relately helps you build and maintain relationships without having to deal with Excel spreadsheets, calendars, text files, and other time-consuming tools to list who is important to stay in touch with, when you last spoke, and where is the best place to communicate with them.

Relately does this by connecting to your email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Relately creates a dynamic score for each of your relationships and notifies you before you fall out of touch. This score is based on how frequently you want to stay in touch with them, how recently you’ve been in touch, and how valuable the interaction was.

Relately also helps you figure out what to say to each of your contacts. With proven suggestions and scripts in Relately, you’re able to overcome anxiousness and always have a way to stay in touch.

Instead of losing touch with people because you don’t have enough time to manage all of your relationships, Relately helps you turn your network into a sales team, raving fans, and an advisory group and ultimately build a more successful business while helping others with their businesses.

Matt Kress (@MattKress) and Asa Wilson (@acvwilson)

Matt recently moved back to Atlanta from Thailand. He grew up just outside Atlanta, but moved and worked there after university. “I really like the tech scene here that has been forming over the past few years. There is a great entrepreneurial vibe to the city when you start meeting people from the tech scene, consulting firms, brick and mortar businesses, and all the fun things to do in town. It’s a great place to be for work and life.”



Funded or bootstrapped:

Price of services:
$27 per person for individual plans. Team plans vary.

What customers get:

  • A simple way to build and maintain relationships that saves you time (instead of requiring more time).
  • An automatic way to track your interactions and stay in touch with your key contacts.
  • Reminders before you fall out of touch with someone.
  • A dynamic score to see where each of your important relationships stand at any time of the day.
  • Proven suggestions and scripts on what to say.
  • Your interaction history for each relationship.
  • An easy way to see who’s located in the city you’re traveling to so you can reach out and meet up in person.
  • Team leaders are able to see where all of their company’s relationships stand at any point in time.
  • Teams have access to relationship-building coaching for business.


[Photo Credit: http://www.otherinbox.com/]

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