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Q & A with Mojo Lingo

by Luke Bucshon

We talked to the founder of Mojo Lingo, Ben Klang (@bklang), along with General Manager Stevens Young, who have been working like mad to bring us their vision of easy, simple integrated communication systems that “work like magic.” With the help of a charismatic, tie-wearing rabbit for a mascot and a fedora that seems to be Ben’s signature look, the Mojo Lingo team works with businesses big and small to connect their data, web content, and video with telephony. Here’s more about how Mojo Lingo gets stuff done.

Your Pitch:
Mojo Lingo is an innovation lab, developing custom voice applications for both Enterprise-level Service Providers and indiv­idual business lacking the expertise in their internal development teams.

Ben Klang

I am an Atlanta native and have always considered it home. The opportunities in the tech industry here gave me a good start with a range of experiences, both in technologies and in company sizes. There is a good mix of everything from the super-large enterprise (AT&T, Home Depot, UPS, Turner) to the active individual startups and research projects coming out of GA Tech. As a business owner, this gives us options for hiring as well as companies to which we can market our services.



Funded or bootstrapped:

Price of Services:
Professional services are determined on a case by case basis.

What Customers Get:
A real-time communications application hand-crafted to solve a specific business problem. Example applications: telephone surveys; automated call centers integrated with CRM; browser-driven video+text communications feature integrated into an existing web-based distance learning app.

How’d You Get The Idea For It:
I was working with an open source project and was approached by a company that wanted something custom built for them. After doing one, several more appeared, so I started bringing people on board to help me with the demand. It’s continued that way ever since.

Collaboration Tools & Processes Do You Use:
Github: This is the center or our development processes, and we use the Pull Request features extensively
Pivotal Tracker: The way we stay organized and prioritized
Jabber (XMPP): As a distributed team, real-time chat is critical to making sure everyone stays connected
Asterisk & Adhearsion: “Eating our own dog food,” in a manner of speaking. We have daily standup calls so everyone can share their status and make the personal connection through voice. We even have it tied to a video feed of the whiteboard wall in our office. It really helps keep the team cohesive.


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