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List-A-Trade: College Kids Buy, Sell & Trade

by Astrid Paris

Stuff: we all have it. The problem is that we don’t always want it. Sometimes, we feel guilty if we give it away (like that expensive shirt you wore once before realizing how ugly it was). Other times, we’re just too lazy to give it away. Yard sales take a lot of planning and elbow grease to pull off. Going the consignment route is still a lot of work (there’s packing and driving involved). So, how do you get rid of your stuff A) without feeling like you’ve lost money on it and B) without lifting a finger?

List-A-Trade attempts to solve that problem by providing a platform for college students to buy, sell, trade, advertise, and share info with other college students. You can post your stuff to List-A-Trade and once it’s up for grabs, others can communicate with you through the site to let the bargaining, trading, or purchasing begin. With its Pinterest-like interface, users can visually browse what’s available in the marketplace, making it super easy to discover new stuff to collect.

We caught up with Travis Reeves to learn more about how he and List-A-Trade’s other co-founder got the idea for the site.

Your pitch:
List-A-Trade (@Listatrade) is an online social marketplace where college students can buy, sell, trade, and/or advertise items and services to other college students nationwide.

Travis Reeves and Austin Hawkins

Atlanta is an emerging entrepreneurship hub and a great source for networking. With the colleges downtown such as Georgia State and Georgia Tech, we saw Atlanta as a great place to gain insight and capitalize on the needs of our niche market, college students. There are so many creative, ambitious, and talented entrepreneurs in Atlanta that haven’t been discovered yet, so we wanted the opportunity to expose ourselves to these various groups and potentially collaborate on our services.

Currently, Austin and I are the only employees. We are looking to build a team right now.

February 3rd, 2011, is when the LLC was established; November 2012 was the first initial launch of the website

Funded or bootstrapped:
Bootstrapped. We are looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon.

Price of services:
All List-A-Trade services are free. It is free to post an item or service. It is also free to post an event.

What customers get:
College students, as well as local vendors who service college students, have the opportunity to post goods and services for free. In this trade room, they can interact through a messaging system. Through the messaging system, customers can determine whether or not they want to buy or sell a good or service. They can also propose a trade that involves a good or service. College students also get the opportunity to use List-A-Trade as a free advertising source. You can post your business on our home page or your event on our Events page (which operates like a real-time news feed). In addition to this, we run weekly contests in which we give away cash prizes to college students who post the most items or services to List-A-Trade.

How you got the idea for it:
Austin and I had a similar class project at Georgia Southern University. The class was a New Venture Planning class in which each group had to devise a new product or service and pitch it to an investor panel. Austin and I were in different project groups, but we would often share ideas about the ideal service to pitch to an investor panel. As we continued to share ideas, we slowly started to formulate List-A-Trade. Finally, after all the idea sharing, we were in his room, and that’s when the actual idea was finalized and List-A-Trade was created. We kept the idea to ourselves instead of using it as a class project and began working on establishing the business.

Collaboration tools & processes you use:
We use various collaboration tools and processes such as Constant Contact, Join.me, Dropbox, Skype, Google Docs, and Wave Accounting.


[Photo Credit: Hypepotamus/Whitlock]

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