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Emory Sophomores Have Monetized Online Q & A

by Luke Bucshon

Likeplum, a new Hypepotamus resident, offers a great way to leverage global talent for whatever you need, big or small, and at a price you set. You post your objective on the likeplum website, set your own price, and then decide who among the many registered ‘likeplum Geniuses’ from around the world you want to complete it. Ask a question (e.g. “Can someone find me a link for The Wolf on Wall Street?” for $0.50) or outsource a project (e.g. “Design a logo for my company.” for $40) and have the Geniuses compete for the fee you offer, ensuring the results are good. Only once the service is performed do you pay. Oh, and the founders are sophomores at Emory University.

Recently likeplum won a contest to go to Ebootcamp at Stanford University. They are being flown out to attend this intensive international conference held annually at Stanford University for intelligent, creative and scrappy student entrepreneurs. Three cheers guys!

likeplum is an online marketplace for efficiently-priced information. It’s a trusted hub for questions, tasks, and services.

Richard Werbe; CEO & President, Jimmy Zhong; CTO.


James Ding, Developer; Arjun Patel. Developer; Brain Zhao, Designer; Bob Lin, Developer; Tristan Cannon, Graphic Designer.

On April 21, 2013

Funded or bootstrapped:
Self-funded. Jimmy and I invested $300 in the company. Between April and December 31 we had $120,000 revenue. We are currently talking to investors.

Price of Services:
There is no set price on our products because it is an open marketplace for anything. The average cost for a question is $13 and the average cost per task is $36.

What Customers Get:
They get answers to hard questions, efficiently priced services, quality and fast help.


[Photo Credit: Whitlock/Hypepotamus]


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