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Pximity | Can I Get Your Info Baby?

by Kristyn Back

Exchanging information with likeminded individual’s is more time consuming than Spaghetti Junction during rush hour. Whether you’re scouting out new artists in town, or hustling at a networking event, connecting with people is a hassle. The struggle is officially over with the latest app, Pximity. With just two clicks, you can connect through all social networks, and even receive contact information like personal websites, emails, and telephone numbers. This app sounded too fast, too furious, so we connected with one of the founders to get up to speed on all the details.

Brandon Cooper and Bryan Chatman are the men behind the wheel of Pximity. Both Cooper and Chatman hail from Detroit, with experience, creativity, and tenacity paving their way to success. The duo also collaborates on the app’s parent company, WDITT (Why Didn’t I Think of That), and founded Pximity in fall of 2014. These two are all about bringing unique products to the market and Pximity is their latest brainchild. As Cooper explains, “our user interface is much different from what is on the market (Circle, Swarm, and Facebook Friends Nearby to name a few). Millions of apps on the market all look the same to us so we decided go for what we stand for, which is real innovation.”

“The app allows you to search for users and businesses nearby in real-time, controlling what information is discoverable and hidden with our privacy settings. And the lengthy conversation of “what’s your email, phone number, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook”, is finally over. Pximity makes it easy to connect and stay in touch with users by instantly swapping information. No longer are the days of manually entering information repeatedly – now you can add a person or business to your directory and capture all of their information at once.”

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The app is also great for musicians, artists, and speakers who want to promote their information. “As long as you are within half a mile of their device, you can visit their website, follow their social networks, email them, read their biography, or call them right within the app. These performers finally have a useful way to get their information to people nearby.” And if that’s not enough, Cooper also dove into an upcoming deal locator feature which allows users to apply digital coupons for discounts, deals, and rewards when in the vicinity of local businesses.

Cooper and Chatman are geared up and ready to take their life in Atlanta by storm. “We both decided to take a leap of faith and move from Michigan to Atlanta, and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We enjoy being part of the momentum shift happening in the startup community here.”

Pximity is currently bootstrapped to get the app live. The team is seeking a 500k seed round.

Follow Pximity:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Pximity
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Pximity

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