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PlaytoPay App Wins Your Bill Battles

by Kristyn Back

You’re out for a night with friends when the bill comes. Maybe you engage in a friendly game of credit card roulette (no, no, let me get this one). You could flip a coin or choose the random sucker whose up for this round of drinks, but where’s the fun in that? Well fear not victory seekers because winning never tasted so sweet with mobile app, PlaytoPay.

PlaytoPay is packed with 15-second mini games that rule out the winners, leaving the lowest scoring player left to foot the bill. If you actually have a conscious and feel guilty about cashing on your friends failure there’s no need to fret. PlaytoPay also has a Venmo extension so you can easily pay back your friend, if you feel so inclined.

The app is one of several creations by Plutonium Apps, a startup founded by CEO, Seth Radman, alongside CTO, Stephen Schwahn, both seniors at Georgia Tech. Plutonium Apps is a team of 12 Tech students and alumni who create iPhone & Android apps, and websites for startups, organizations, and universities. Here at Hype we love a free meal, so we caught up with Radman to hear the ins and outs of Plutonium’s latest success, PlaytoPay.

Your Pitch:
PlayToPay is a mobile app that helps you determine who should pay the bill when you’re out with friends, family, or co-workers by competing in short, exciting mini games. Players race against the clock in fifteen second mini games to score the most points. Whoever has the lowest score in the end has to pay. We’ve also included a Venmo extension so you can easily request money from your friends to pay you back (if they’re willing to). PlayToPay is available for free on the App Store, and the Android version is currently in development.

What problem are you solving?
PlayToPay solves the problem of “Who should pay the bill?” by competing in short mini games instead of randomly picking someone or playing credit card roulette. It’s a great way to break the ice when you’re out on a date and the bill comes, or you can use it to quickly figure out who will pay for Uber. PlayToPay offers a more entertaining and engaging skill-based method of determining who should pay while also bringing people together.

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Please describe the market/industry impact:
People are going out to restaurants and social events more and more every week as a result of increased growth in products like Uber and Tinder. PlayToPay is an easy way to add more excitement to your night and have fun with your friends.

Revenue Model:
There’s currently no revenue model for the app, but we’ll be adding a freemium model soon with an in-app purchase to unlock more mini games and features.

Funding or Bootstrapped:
We’ve been bootstrapped so far, but we’re currently looking for VC funding to take on more high risk, high return projects since our client base has increased significantly in the past six months. We’re also looking for $500K+ in seed funding to support a new fitness app company that we recently co-founded called FitGenie.

How’d you get the idea for it?
We came up with the idea of PlayToPay at HackGT. At first, we thought of recreating the traditional credit card roulette game in an app since the process of collecting everyone’s card takes too long and is only based on luck. Instead of a random selection, we decided to create quick and simple games based on skill that would offer a more exciting and engaging experience.

Use Cases

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?
There are a couple apps like BillSpin and WhosPayin that simply emulate credit card roulette through random selection, but none of them have a variety of games that provide an exciting skill-based approach for determining who will pay. Additionally, other apps are either paid or have annoying ads. PlayToPay offers a clean and playful user interface that facilitates a much more enjoyable and interactive experience.

How does ATL weave into your story?
The Plutonium Apps team is made up of Georgia Tech students and alumni, so we’ve had the opportunity to grow and develop right here in ATL thanks to an abundance of incredible resources at Tech and in the city. On a separate note, people love going out to great restaurants and bars and clubs in Atlanta every night, and PlayToPay is a perfect fit for the lively and social atmosphere we see all around us.


Plutonium Apps is a team of Georgia Tech students and alumni who turn great ideas into beautiful iPhone and Android apps. They have developed 10+ apps and websites both in house and for clients.

Seth Radman, Founder & CEO

  • Senior studying Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech
  • Interned as a Structural Test Engineer at Honda Aircraft Company
  • Will be a Product Development Engineer Intern at Siemens this summer

Stephen Schwahn, CTO

  • Senior studying Computer Science at Georgia Tech
  • Interned as a Software Engineer at National Instruments
  • Worked on the UI for the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 iPad app

PlayToPay App Team:

Plutonium Apps Team

Learn more about Plutonium Apps by following them on TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn, and WordPress. Hoping to get your way out of a bill? Download PlaytoPay, and follow them for the latest updates on the app.

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