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Placemint Dives Deep Into Developer Recruitment Solutions

by Kiki Roeder + Kristyn Back

Recruiting talent is timely and costs companies an estimated $3,300 bucks per hired head. After picking up on this and other pain points found in tech recruitment, Matthew Bennett, Paris Humphrey, and Andy Wu created a fresh platform perspective – Placemint.

The new staffing startup, Placemint, aggregates thousands of developers and showcases their best skill sets, job history, and more. Hiring managers can sift through the best hires in one easy, fell swoop. Developers can rest assured that they are being considered for jobs that match their experiences. Win-win.

Hear from the gents of Placemint on how they hope to close the gap and create opportunity between recruiters and tech talent.

How’d you get the idea for Placemint?

After noticing a pinpoint and the inconsistency of tech recruiters reaching out to the right candidates for the right jobs. We decided to come up with a tool that could help recruiters find the right qualified candidates, and make the whole process more efficient.

Tell us your pitch:

Placemint is a recruiting SaaS that offers solutions for the small business to enterprise level companies. Placemint aggregates thousands of developers with no candidate action required, all over the US, and gives you a complete breakdown of those developers on an individual basis. Each developer profile includes charts of their skill sets, job history, links to all of their social profiles and even their contact info (including phone number).  This allows recruiters to easily access thousands of developer profiles from one simple search.

placemint-recruit-hireWhat problem are you solving?

Searching for developers on development sites and social networks is confusing and searching for developers on development sites and social networks can be confusing and time-consuming – as they were not originally intended to be utilized as sourcing tools. LinkedIn is designed for making connections, not sourcing profiles, and other hiring sites are often out of date and subjective. Many developers ignore LinkedIn activity rendering contact through LinkedIn ineffective.

How could this impact developers?

Placemint will close the gap of discrepancies between recruiters and developers, and make the hiring process more efficient. It will also help recruiters place developers into jobs that fit their skillsets.

Market & industry impact:

Technical jobs will grow 27% through 2020 (500,000 technical jobs). Businesses spend $3,300 per hire on recruiting, a total of $72 billion each year on recruiting services in the US alone.

Funding or bootstrapped?

We have been bootstrapping. We are currently looking for funding ($600k). Seeking investors with successful background in the tech/startup industry and has ample time and resources to devote to the development of the company and/or each co-founder.

What’s your revenue model?

$80 month-to-month subscription fee or customers can sign up for an $800 one-year commitment.

How does Atlanta weave into your story?

Placemint was incorporated in Atlanta and two out of our three co-founders grew up in here. Matt and Andy went to Northview High School in Johns Creek and they both went to Georgia State University.

Interested in a better way to recruit? Check out Placemint’s platform and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.


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