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Pitch Practice Recap: Wine Trading, Groceries, Brand Agency, Bike Locks…

by Tricia Whitlock

Pitch Practice is a weekly meetup to help startup entrepreneurs practice and perfect their 30-second and 3-minute pitch to investors, prospects, partners, and anyone else who asks, “What does your startup do?” Their fearless leader, Kevin Sandlin, wrote the rundown below of the pitches from July 11.

Read through Kevin’s recap and if an idea really melts your butter help these folks out with your expertise and network.

  • Thad OviattParkent Cycles – $300M of bicycles stolen every year. Parkent has created a full bike locking station to eliminate bike theft. Their locking system “hugs” your bike.
  • Andrew Jackson Harris Jr. – winebyowner.com – a marketplace for wine aficionados to buy sell and trade wine directly and locally without the wine broker or his 25% fee.
  • Scott Wisewisemind180 – branding is costly, so wisemind180 makes it easy for startups to start and build their brand. Targeting investors to create a mentorship relationship for the investors to improve the branding of their portfolio companies.
  • Chris Turner – 10Rocket – MVP web app development for startups: 2 weeks, $5k.
  • Brian Alexander – Build Rite Construction – Construction managers need reliable contractors. He is a GC who can build for industrial & commercial developers. GC for workout construction.
  • Schneider – The Grocer – takes time to buy groceries, so they’ll bring the groceries to them. Local grocers, free delivery. The Grocer makes money on a % of the retailers’ cost.
  • Michael Drew – Synapse – Some airlines are still using Excel spreadsheets or even a white board to manage the maintenance on their aircraft. Synapse solves the problem of airline maintenance tracking and communication.
  • Brendan Walsh50 Mile Energy – air quality / water quality – they build facilities to convert greenhouse gas emissions from landfills and industrial waste creators.


[Photo Credit: http://www.uncg.edu/ure/alumni_magazineT2/2011_summer/images/545x431_oldschool-baseball-1948.jpg]

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