Party Planner App Announces Public Launch

If we scour Pinterest for party themes we should be more inspired to actually plan the party, right? While Fête can’t help you avoid Pinterest fails (ping Martha for that), the app can turn your plan into an actual party. We first covered how the app was taking the BS out of planning last December, so when we heard about their public launch we sat down with co-founder, Raj Parikh, to find out how they get the party rolling.

With over 10 billion digital invitations sent annually, Parikh knew there had to be a better solution when it came to event planning. Fête’s goal is to get people together by keeping conversations organized (bye-bye group texts) and using group collaboration and data-driven notifications to ensure the event stays on track and comes to fruition.

“There is too much noise on other platforms. We want users to spend their social capital inviting friends to an event that will actually happen and we want you to use an app that looks and feels good,” explains Parikh. “With our multimodal smart cards, we’re seeing average RSVP rates of 84%, over twice that of existing services. That’s a game-changer. You simply title a card, and our technology can handle the rest.”

Fête_Screenshot1   Fête_Screenshot2   Fête_Screenshot3

Fete makes it easy to decide on an invitation card that suits your party style, collaborate with friends, vote on places, select a range of dates, and more. And even if guests don’t have the app they can still interact with the cards through text messages (and soon through email and calendars).

Fête_Screenshot4   Fête_Screenshot5   Fête_Screenshot6

Fête is currently in 35 countries, with over 2,500 planners successfully creating events (from birthday parties to date nights). The team’s next big push will be the release of personalized recommendation cards for festivals, dinners, and more – making event creation through the app even easier.

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