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Ending the LEED Paperwork Pain | Green Badger

by Carey Tucker

When thinking of the most progressive states in the country, the Left Coast comes to mind: California, Oregon, and Washington. But, Georgia? Surely, not. After all, this is the state that gave the world Honey Boo Boo. But when it comes to green energy, the Peach State is making big strides. Georgia is the largest electric vehicle market in the country. In 2014, one out of every 60 cars sold in Georgia were electric. The city of Savannah had the first LEED certified shopping center in the country in 2006. If we were ahead of the curve 8 years ago, why aren’t all construction projects striving for LEED certification? The issue is with the paperwork. Savannah, GA based Green Badger is here to streamline that process.

Originally hailing from Wisconsin, Founder Tommy Linstroth (LEED Fellow) has been in Savannah for over 10 years. During that time, Linstroth has been involved with over 70+ LEED projects around the country, and has been a leading advocate of sustainable design and construction. “I’ve been able to leverage that knowledge into a product that is affordable, functional and scalable,” says Linstroth.


According to Linstroth, “Documenting the LEED construction process is a time and cost heavy effort, and failure to do so properly can lead to a project losing points or the ability to earn certification altogether,” he says. “Green Badger simplifies and streamlines the LEED construction documentation process to save project teams significant amounts of time and money, while reducing risk of certification challenges. (Our) cloud-based solution to managing green construction… allows for seamless collaboration, real time documentation, in-field product verification and report generation, and a host of other features that let’s project teams focus on designing and building green buildings, not worrying about paperwork.”

Green Badger started out self-funded, and secured early angel funding from SLAAM Ventures in Q1 2014. “As we continue to grow, further refine our product, and expand our customer base, we will be seeking another round of funding in the mid 6 figures to help grow our sales and marketing efforts and strengthen our internal development team,” says Linstroth.

Green Badger looks set for continued success in 2015. If you’re planning on building green, reach out to Green Badger and let them provide, “Instantaneous LEED® documentation and verification, at your fingertips.”

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