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Lovebirds Create App to Help Folks Sing to a Different Tune

by Jamison Bone

In the music industry, copyright infringement is a very common issue among artists. From Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” stealing straight from Queen’s “Under Pressure,” to the Ghostbuster’s theme song being taken almost completely from a Huey Lewis record, the music business has seen copyright infringement occur all too often with no solution in sight. That is, until now.

A Georgia-based company called Orpheus, co founded by Lucien Wall & Farah Allen (the happy couple pictured above) and Aaron Neal, has started development on an application that has one simple goal: “provide a mobile, one step solution for songwriters to create, record, copyright and produce a demo to shop to the world”.

The brilliant idea came from a recent experience that co-founder Lucien Wall dealt with. “There was a situation for a client that faced possible lawsuits for copyright infringement and incorrect declaration of the writer and producer’s share with a publishing company,” Wall explains. “The impending lawsuit could have been avoided by simple and efficient documentation upon collaboration or during the initial dialogue of the project. The issue is commonplace in today’s music industry with songwriters and producers who do not have proper representation, such as a lawyer, personal manager, or business manager, to mediate terms.”

Ultimately, Wall, Allen, and Neal want to show their consumers that the application itself is only the first step of the process. “[Orpheus] believes in creating a long-term relationship with its clients, so that the creation of new and innovative application features/designs meet the differing needs in the space,” Wall declares. ” Orpheus does not believe in hidden agendas. The culture of the business has been established to encourage and foster continuous connection.”

This desire for connection leads to the company believing that their idea will change the way music is created and sold. With millions of people in the U.S. having aspirations of becoming a musician, the founders of Orpheus believe that cost is the only thing holding people back. “A product such as Orpheus will provide an outlet for up and coming musicians and increase productivity for already signed professionals. The software will revolutionize the industry, removing the need for expensive studio time to develop an initial demo tape,” Wall believes.

The company intends to charge $9.99 a month fee and allow users to utilize the application “on-the-go” with phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This way, Orpheus can be there every step of the way for a range of clientele.

Read below for a brief background on each member of Orpheus & if you’re interested in getting in touch then feel free to email the team: info@orpheusink.com

Lucien Wall: Operations and Business Development Manager (12 years of experience for companies such as State Farm and IMG International). His position at Orpheus is Business Development, branding, and relationship building amongst the clientele.

Farah Allen: Experienced Project Manager (9 years of experience for companies such as ING America Financial and Certusbank). Her position at Orpheus is CEO.

Aaron “Atlas” Neal: 7 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry, with job titles ranging from composer to engineer. His role at Orpheus will be more directed towards an appeal to the music side of the company, as he has immense knowledge of music production.

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