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Restaurant Procurement App Pivots with Major Improvements

by Carey Tucker

The notion of the lean startup was first coined by Eric Ries in 2008 and his 2011 book of the same name continues to be a bestseller to this day. If you attempted to sum up Ries’ points in one word, it would be: evolution. The startup life cycle is a constant learning process and for nascent ventures, the ability to evolve is essential. After receiving integral customer feedback, Atlanta-based startup, Orderly (formerly Siftit), recently decided to pivot and change the way their app helps restaurants manage their purchasing (check out our previous coverage here). We recently chatted with Digital Marketing Manager, Joy Ugi, to get the scoop.

Why the simplification of the system?
Siftit was a super great product for ordering on the backend, but for a lot restaurant owners, it was a lot to take in at first. There wasn’t a clear path forward and we were getting a lot of feedback from our customers about that. We said, “let’s make it easier for people to use our product well.” Now, we have a simpler service that loads a restaurant’s data into our app where they can see their food sales compared to their food cost. This way, they can see what they’re spending their money on, how much they spend per vendor, etc. Even that information, most restaurants don’t have. Our simplification of Orderly is a 3 step process: 30 day trial, then $49/month, and finally, they can order from vendors through our app for $150/month.

Why the rebranding?
We felt that the Siftit name didn’t put any intuitiveness around our product. With the re-release of our base product, we decided to make our name simpler and closer to what we do. Orderly is the perfect name.

Why free 30-day model? Has it affected signups, engagement, attrition rate?
We really want to give people a chance to get their hands dirty with the product before committing. Restauranteurs are really busy; busier than others. Implementing something new is hard from a time management perspective. Often, that will be their hurdle. “I don’t have time to use this if I haven’t seen it first.” This sentiment was a friction point. Now, if they find value in it, it’s just $49/month that they continue paying. Orderly is a tool for them to log into and see what’s happening in their restaurant and make more educated decisions on food purchasing.

Orderly Dashboard
Screenshot of the Orderly Dashboard

Has your target market changed?
It’s still the same: anyone who wants to save time and money. Instead of having to compare vendor costs and supplier cost on different papers, you can instead focus on trying to grow. We try to focus on independent restaurants that have a few locations because typically, they see the most value in Orderly.

Any changes in leadership since we last checked in?
The core team is the same, but we’ve added Tim Muenchen as VP of Marketing.

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