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MyidealDOCTOR | GA Based Telehealth Startup Gains Traction

by Carey Tucker

When a medical issue arises 72% of Internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year, and 62% of smartphone users have used their device to do the same. While Dr. Google can provide answers (some times), it’s usually a wilderness of unfiltered information that can make you worry beyond belief. If your primary care physician isn’t available, a trip to the emergency room will get you immediate answers, but at a heavy price. An Atlanta-based startup, MYidealDOCTOR, is the perfect middle ground. They offer 24/7 access to US licensed physicians who can consult, diagnose or prescribe medications by phone or web video for short term illnesses. Last month, the company announced a $2M investment from ValorBridge Partners and recently appointed a new CTO. We chatted with the company’s CEO & Founder to learn more about the exciting news.

Founded in 2012 by Adrian Davis, “MyidealDOCTOR solves access issues via telehealth that transform the way technology and healthcare are working together,” he explains. “We are creating an ecosystem of care beyond episodic care.” Having worked in the healthcare world since 2002, Davis’ latest company stems from his experience with his previous medical supply company, MyidealCARE. “We’ve grown via physician networks and the networks actually came to us. They were tired of the overhead,” recalls Davis. “We’ve hit 450 employer groups in two years.” Employer groups, which are usually around 200 employees, are self-funded groups that pay their own claims.

With the recent $2M investment, Davis and his team plan to use the funds to grow their staff, expand the functionality of their mobile telehealth application, and boost product marketing.  “We are thrilled to receive this strategic investment from ValorBridge,” says Davis. “The investment and ValorBridge’s healthcare market expertise will allow us to accelerate the delivery of top-notch telehealth solutions in order to give consumers as many options as possible, all while decreasing costs and improving access to care.” ValorBridge also owns ApolloMD, a multi-physician practice that provides emergency medicine, radiology, and other services to hospitals, and many of the ApolloMD doctors will now be reachable through MYidealDOCTOR.

The closing of the funding round comes at an exciting time with the addition of Sean Middleton as CTO. Middleton joins MYidealDOCTOR from Greenway Health, where he served as senior director of development. At Greenway, Middleton was responsible for successfully developing, testing and deploying one of the largest electronic health record (EHR) installations in the US at Walgreens pharmacy locations nationwide.

Sean Middleton CTO

Sean Middleton, MyidealDOCTOR’s new CTO

“Sean brings a tremendous wealth of experience with architecting technology at scale, and we are thrilled about him joining MYidealDOCTOR,” says Davis. “We needed someone in this role who is able to take complex medical technology and simplify its delivery. Sean expedites that process for MYidealDOCTOR as we continue to expand physician access for patients and drive down healthcare costs, for employers, health plans and healthcare providers.”

The MyidealDOCTOR team are currently focusing on UI, eligibility checks, and claims on the backend. They are also working on adding in behavioral health components and plan to integrate with 150 wearable technologies in the near future.

Download MyidealDOCTOR on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android.

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