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Moxie Sports | Sports Management. Simplified.

by Ryan Waller

If you’ve ever been involved in a sports league, it’s likely you have experienced the annoying struggle of coordinating practices, games and events. Moxie Sports is solving this pain point. They’re optimizing the way sports teams communicate by creating time-saving tools for scheduling – while also providing powerful messaging features to keep you in touch with everyone on your team.

Roman Grimaldi, CEO and cofounder (who so kindly gave us the insights below) & President Jerry Slutzky make up two-thirds of the company, founded in 2014.  

“We have raised a round from an Atlanta-based serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Erlich Bachman. We are currently raising a $500k – $1M seed round from investors who are passionate about sports, as well as SaaS solutions in a big market.”

Like any company worth it’s salt, the founders of Moxie saw a need, and sought to fulfill it.

“We are fundamentally solving a communication problem in an industry that hasn’t moved in quite some time. Today, you have coaches who coach multiple teams, and parents with multiple kids – on multiple teams. Currently, coaches and team managers are trying to organize practices, games and events through email, text messages, facebook pages, tweets, etc. One conversation gets lost across multiple platforms and becomes too hard to track – which in turn makes it almost impossible as a coach or manager to know if your team is actually going to show up. And as a parent, you have no idea when or where your kid has to be to participate.”

How is it gong so far? 

“We are going to make a lot of coaches and parents happy! With the current options in the industry, we have already separated ourselves in terms of simplicity, design, and overall user experience. At Moxie Sports, we take a design-first approach to everything we do and continuously ask ourselves and our users how we can make our software elegant and intuitive for everyone to enjoy. Our extensive network has allowed us to onboard over 500 teams to beta test during the first two months of the new year – when it comes to being connected to the right network in amatuer sports, we have an unparalleled advantage which we can leverage to get Moxie Sports into the hands of thousands of coaches.”

So cool, it’s working… but how?

“Freemium revenue model with subscription levels that unlock more features for coaches and parents to take advantage from. With our current pricing model, it will only cost each team $3/month per kid to use our full service. For teams with 7 players or less, the software is free to use. Our beta is also exclusively free to the first 5000 teams.”

Understanding the technicalities is one thing, but the good stuff can always be found in the story, like how the company came to be, what inspires them, if they’re single… well, that last question won’t actually be answered. Lo siento ladies.

“The idea came from decades of experience, as both players and coaches at the highest levels of sports, seeing how inefficient and unorganized sporting events actually are. We got tired of not having the right kind of tools to organize teams, and, quite frankly, the only available options suck. We knew we could design the next generation of team management software that this industry deserves.”

Alas, as with any great idea, there will be competitors, some however more daunting than others.

TeamSnap is our most direct competitor, but also the one that puts a smile on our face. If users are willing to sacrifice poor UX/UI and still pay for a service they need, well, then we can’t wait until they see our platform! We are also passionate about building a community of thought leaders to elevate the discussions around amateur sports, which is something that is really lacking in our industry, and we are in a perfect team to accelerate this idea.”

The icing on the cake of course is that these guys and true ATLiens with a love for their city.

“My Co-Founder, Jerry Slutzky, and I both grew up in Atlanta and played college baseball here. We’ve spent decades competing as athletes in this city and have now been able to coach the younger generation. What’s awesome is the expansion of technology and the mobile bubble we’re currently in. Atlanta is positioning itself to be the regional leader in tech and our involvement in the tech community is blending extremely well with our background in sports. With the abundance of top-tier athletic programs and facilities that our awesome city and state have, we find it necessary to give these coaches, parents and athletes the same kind of superior solutions in technology. This is why we are so excited to get everyone on the Moxie Sports platform.”

Currently Moxie Sports is running a beta program that is exclusive to the first 5,000 teams. So be sure and SIGN UP.

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