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Mowgli | Making Creation Social

by Raven Davis

Have a love for music but suffer from chronic tone deafness? Daydream constantly about your alternative life in superstardom, but lack the confidence, or delusional optimism, necessary to launch your music career? Mowgli understands your frustrations, and was created to stimulate your mind and ignite those musical senses. Founded in 2010 by Marshall SeeseAdam Kunz, and Mike VanBeneden, Mowgli is an Atlanta-based social gaming company focused on designing games that allow users to collaborate with one another to create real music, artwork, or videos.

The Scoop:

  • Received $550,000 from angel investors in its first funding round, several of whom were Atlanta Technology Angels
  • Games also serve to promote and distribute content from emerging artists who have created song packs for players to use for their creations
  • Its first gaming application, Songster is the first and only music creation social game available on Facebook
  • Released its second and latest product, MashupDJ, a tablet and web based app designed to give users a more connected experience, in October of last year.

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