Put Your Best Clip Forward with Motion Array

Any art director or marketing guru knows that finding decent, daresay good, stock video, templates or music can be both expensive and time intensive. Looking for that perfect clip can lead to nothing more than tired eyes and knuckle impressions to the jawline after sitting and staring for hours. But what if there was an array of motion media to choose from through an easy and inexpensive subscription service? Why, hello, Motion Array, the Atlanta-based design house and membership marketplace that is delivering high-quality, user-friendly products at remarkably affordable prices.

Sure, other sites may offer the same spiel, but Motion Array founders, Tyler Williams and Eri Levin, ensure great customer service and a unique subscription model that includes no additional licensing fees and allows for instant access to premium files that users can keep forever (yes, even after membership cancelation). It’s no wonder that their high-quality products and service perks, like great tutorials and blog articles, are earning the trust of clients like Turner, ClearChannel, Universal and CBS. So, what are you waiting for, meet Motion Array:

Year/Date Founded:
November 2011

The Pitch:
Motion Array is a premier online marketplace that provides professional stock media for video creators including, After Effects templates, stock music, and video. Our licensing is simple. Pay once, and use your downloads forever, even if you cancel your membership. But don’t worry, there are no long-term contracts. You’re in complete control to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime with no additional fees. When you think of After Effects templates, stock music, and video, think of MotionArray.com.

Tyler Williams, Co-Founder: I grew up in Atlanta and attended the Atlanta College of Art where I earned my bachelor’s degree in video. When I say “degree in video,” I mean, “video as fine art.” When I say “video as fine art,” I mean, “video installations, etc.” And, when I say “video installations,” I really mean, “Starving artist. Never going to find a job. Oh, the student loans!” After graduating, I took a job at a post production studio as a motion graphics designer. While at the studio, I began creating stock animations and After Effects templates on the side as a way to earn extra income. I never imagined some six years later that I would be creating After Effects templates and other stock animations full-time, or that I’d be the co-founder of one of the leading After Effects template marketplaces. It’s been a ton of work, and I feel both proud and blessed.

Eri Levin, Co-Founder:  I am from Nicaragua and since I was a kid I’ve had a passion for Film, TV, Art and Music. After a short but significant time at The Art Institute of Philadelphia in their Animation and Media Arts program I knew I was on the right track to doing something I love. I’ve now been making videos and animations for almost 20 years. I’ve also worked as a creative director, editor, animator and designer. I am always trying to make creative stuff with high design value.

Motion Array - Tyler-Eri 2

What problem are you solving?
Motion Array makes workflow easier for advanced motion graphics artists and video editors while also providing a resource for nonmotion graphics artists to use professional, high-quality design elements. Many people don’t have the money or resources to have professional custom graphics created, so Motion Array provides thousands of options at a fraction of the cost.

Market/Industry impact:
As technology becomes more affordable we believe in the democratization of quality video to help everyone communicate their ideas, products or services. The internet and affordable means of production puts video in high demand and we want to give anyone of any budget size an opportunity to make a great video without a production budget.

Revenue Model:
The revenue model is a subscription based, three-tiered system. Each tier allows for a different number of downloads per month of any asset on the site (e.g. After Effects Template, Stock Video, Stock Music). Motion Array is entirely bootstrapped and profitable.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?
Some of the largest competitors in the space are VideoHive, Pond5, and Rocketstock.

Motion Array differs on several levels. First off, MA is the only one of these services to be built on a subscription model. Where the competitors require individual payment for each download, MA users get several downloads per month included, making it easier to try various options for their projects.

Additionally, the team works very hard to curate the highest quality projects and assets that meet a common standard for design and project organization. Particularly with the After Effects templates, MA works to ensure that all projects follow a common structure, making it more intuitive for users to update and work with from project to project.

Motion Array is also working on a host of new features for 2016 that will further differentiate the product and add additional value to members.

How does Atlanta weave into your story?
Tyler was born and raised outside of Atlanta. While Eri is originally from Nicaragua. Both found their way into the motion graphics industry and production artists and they met while working at a studio in Atlanta.

Both co-founders call Atlanta (Decatur) home and are happily raising families here. With an online business, they could really start and grow it anywhere, but the combination of a thriving city, with great networking opportunities, and great resources for families, made Atlanta the perfect place to stay and build their product.