MoblTabl Takes a Turn for the Better

No one likes to wait in line, especially when you’re starving and forced into long stadium lines for food. Enter MoblTabl, an app that allows mobile food and service ordering so guests can order food from the comfort of their seat. We first touched base with the MoblTabl team when they were in Beta this past June.

Since then MoblTabl has pivoted from their original goal and rebranded themselves as a Mobile Concierge option. They have also added NFL Food Directors, College Stadium Directors and Michael Romei (International General Secretary UICH) to their list of advisors & ran their first simulated test at the GA Dome Chick Fil A Kick off Game with amazing results. Three cheers guys!

We caught up with CEO George Verghis to find out more about their recent changes.

Tell us about the recent pivot of your startup:
Our lofty goal when we started were to target the food ordering at Stadiums and Convention centers. We realized very quickly that though the goals were great there were three fundamental problems. 1) We lacked a way to differentiate ourselves from the competition 2) Service ordering was another big gap in the space. 3) We weren’t getting much traction with some of the established players in the industry.

What led to the decision to go in a new direction?
We pivoted to solve the first two problems by branding ourselves as the Mobile Ordering solution for Food and Services at Stadiums and Convention centers. To solve #3 we found it a little harder but solved it by targeting clients of our previous targets. So far we have been having success. We have two big events coming up that we are negotiating and hope to serve.

Has the revenue model or market competition changed?
With regard to our revenue model, we have decided as part of our relook at the business we would relook at the revenue model. There are a few ideas being considered, to be implemented after launch phase, one being a advertisement and promotion based model.

Are you in need of hiring/mentors/funding?
At present we have brought on one additional sales and marketing team member but are always looking for mentors and within the next few months will be looking for funding. Some of our advisors are Director of Operations at an NFL stadium, General Manager at a B1G stadium, Athletic Director for one of Georgia’s largest Counties.

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