Mobilize Your Enterprise with Catavolt

On September 30th Catavolt, Inc. announced the launch of its new healthcare mobile app platform. The platform allows healthcare providers and payers to securely mobilize critical patient data with the goal of providing better patient care and engagement. 

Here’s the scoop:

  • The company was founded in 2008 and has roughly thirty employees including George Mashini, CEO and Glenn Osborne, CTO.
  • You can create your first enterprise mobile app in less than a week, and measure the business value it adds in less than sixty days. Simply select the mobile platforms you’d like to use and the number of data sources you need to connect to.
  • All apps created using Catavolt’s platform are high-performance and native to the device operating system.
  • Their platform enables IT organizations to create, modify and control access to apps in real-time.
  • They provide IT with centralized, real-time control over data and app security functionality, accessibility and permissions. No data is stored on mobile devices, so lost devices no longer pose a security risk.
  • Their patented platform is designed to share information across multiple devices, giving doctors just as much access to a patient’s medical records with their desktop computer as they have with their on-premises tablet device, or even with the doctor’s personal smartphone.
  • Top apps that are easily configured using Catavolt’s healthcare mobile app platform include:
    • Real time access to patient records, for making more timely and informed healthcare decisions, and ultimately meaningful outcomes for patients
    • Secure collaboration across the continuum of care including caregivers, providers, payers and patients
    • Digitization of paper forms
    • Real time operational analytics for census, length of stay, discharge, readmit and many other metrics

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