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Even a Man Would Use These Instructions

by Ryan Waller

Merlin, Inc. uses Augmented Reality (AR), to deliver technical instructions to iOS and Android devices. Equipment, devices or parts are viewed “live” through the camera of a mobile device. While viewing, a transparent layer appears, providing step-by-step instructions. Merlin was founded by Margaret Martin in the heart of Atlanta.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Their cloud-hosted toolset, Alchemy, enables your company to easily create new or transform existing content into Merlin content and ensure its delivery to iOs and Android devices.
  • Content is easy to update.
  • MerlinanalyticsTM provides a new level of insight into your employees’ and customers’ experience.
  • With Merlin, accessing specific instructions is simple:

1) Scan a Target, Barcode, Machine Code, QR Code or enter an Error Code
2) Point the camera at your Subject
3) Start following your Merlin instructions

  • You can integrate additional features such as Text, Initiate a Call or Real-time Diagramming for additional functionalities.
  • They create and deliver training and support content for companies and content developers.
  • Their target markets include Telecom, IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation, Self-Service and Utilities.
  • Located at 75 5th Street, N.W. Suite 205, in the Centergy building on Tech Square.
  • Read more on them via Venture Atlanta.

An Example:

The app below would would save anyone assembling furniture a major headache. You would be able to point your phone at the instructions, then at the part in question. The app then gives a 3D presentation showing where the part goes.

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