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Meeting People is About to Get Easier | Thoddy App

by Carey Tucker

Meeting people on the Internet is something that’s come a long way. In the 1990’s, meeting up with someone from a chatroom was considered to be the pinnacle of weirdness. Today, however, meeting online friends in person is all too common.

The problem is, the current apps available are based on algorithms that fail to reflect a user’s true intentions. Thoddy is a new Atlanta-based app that wants to make meeting people a whole lot easier and they are planning a beta launch on Friday, March 27th.

CEO and Founder, Adekunle Ayodele, and his Director of Operations, Abasiodu Ikono, have defined a new word for their app:

Thoddy /thodd-ee/ (noun)- buddies who share similar thoughts.

“Other apps match people based on algorithms, photos, shared friends, or interests, that often fail to reflect their users’ true intentions,” says Ayodele. “These apps are designed for users to connect online and possibly plan to meet up sometime in the future. In contrast, Thoddy matches users in real-time based on their current thoughts and enables them to meet up almost instantly.” How does it work?


“Thoddy’s matching process will make meetups instant by connecting people who share similar thoughts for an activity in the same location. In a social setting, Thoddy can serve as an icebreaker, encouraging more physical and personable interaction,” explains Ayodele. “Thoddy is also the first social networking app that goes a step further to ensure the safety of its users by including a patent pending “Get Me Out Of Here” button, which allows users to send location details via text message to designated contacts. The GMOOH feature applies not just to social networking or online dating scene, but could be used in other scenarios such as an individual who has had too much to drink and needs a ride home, or a family member lost in the crowd at a sporting event,” he says.

Originally from Nigeria, Adekunle has over 15 years of IT experience consulting for Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Comcast, and Verizon, and over 27 professional IT certifications. Having used existing apps in the discovery, networking and matchmaking space, he saw an opportunity to solve the problems inherent to these platforms. He brought on his fellow countryman Abasiodu, who also has a vast background in IT, to help him start Thoddy.

Ayodele is also a big fan of basing his startup in the ATL. “Atlanta was my first port of call upon immigrating to the U.S.A from Nigeria about a decade ago and has since won my heart,” he says. “I love the diverse culture, southern hospitality, and growing technology startups.”

Adekunle Ayodele

CEO & Founder, Adekunle Ayodele

Thoddy is on the hunt. “We are looking for investors with startup and social mobile application experience,” says Ayodele. They are also currently looking for a Campus Representative. You can apply on our job board today. As mentioned at the top of this article, they are planning a beta launch on March 27th, 2015. To be part of the event, register for free here. It promises to be a fun-filled night as participants get to use Thoddy to socialize, mingle and make new friends. Food, drinks, and music will also be provided.

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