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ATL Native, SCAD Alum & GSU Developer Have Joined Forces to Find You Love

by Carey Tucker

*** EDITORS NOTE: On March 26: LOV launched a kickstarter campaign. Check it out. ***

Launching Spring 2015, Atlanta-based LOV is a new app that helps you find your true love. If you’ve ever tried online dating, then you’re certainly familiar with questionnaires. People cheat the current system by lying about themselves. According to CEO and Founder CJ Carter, “We may not know we are doing it, but when we fill out online questionnaires, we have a false self-perception that makes questionnaires useless.” To solve this problem, LOV developed an algorithm called SparkDNA as a matching solution. It uses your social footprint (Facebook posts, bio, comments, etc.) to determine your true personality and matches you with people with whom you are actually compatible. Their goal is to help you Find Love Faster. The app itself is free to use and you can speak to 5 people at a time. If you need more it’s $1 per connection, per month.

Founded by CJ Carter (CEO), CeDerrick Mixon (CCO), and Frank Nwabueze (CTO), LOV evolved out of one of CJ’s previous ventures. “In 2011, I started a nightlife social network called Wingmen United that was a social network for men to befriend others in the city for a better nightlife… fast forward three years, I heard of success with a similar type of app except with a focus on dating. I tried this new app and saw it wasn’t addressing people looking for relationships not solely based on physical features (think Tinder) and decided to make a better way,” recalls Carter.

All three founders have roots in Georgia’s capital. Carter was born and raised here, Mixon is a graduate of SCAD, and Nwabueze also works as an app developer for Georgia State. “We want to become a big player in what we call ‘Applanta.’ I’m excited to see tech opportunity coming this way,” he says.

LOV currently has a Thunderclap page to rally support for their app. If you like the sound of it, help LOV revolutionize online dating and put an end to lousy blind dates. In mid-March, they will launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding. Be on the lookout for LOV in the App Store and Google Play this Spring.

Follow LOV on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theLOVapp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lov_app
Google +: https://plus.google.com/+LovappCo1/about

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