APocket App is Aiming to Replace the Business Card

Are you buried in all your social and business connections? Want to build stronger business and personal relationships with your network?

Then APocket App may be just the tool you need to support. 

APocket App aims to replace business cards by allowing you to record information within the app and then track and measure each relationship. The app is also planned to have a merchant feature to allow you to reward, thank, or encourage those in your network with digital giftcards and online gift purchases.

Here’s the deal:

  • Founded by Les Adkins, Jim Clark, and David Alexander.
  • A product of APocket— a company devoted to building technologies, products, and services which enable members to identify and improve relationships with connections.
  • The team has set a fundraising goal of $100,000.
  • Their campaign on Indiegogo ends November 15th.
  • They will use the funding to finish building the app and to gain valuable merchant partners that will benefit members.