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Legacybox Makes Memories Last into the 21st Century (and Beyond)

by Muriel Vega

While we’re lucky to have our memories instantly digitized, our parents and grandparents don’t share the same luck. They have tubs upon tubs of photos, VHS tapes, and dare we say, Betamax tapes, gathering dust in their attics. Let’s be honest, eventually mold may take over or those same tubs will end up in your attic. Legacybox — a new service out of Chattanooga, TN — can keep you from that certain future. They aim to preserve those precious memories by taking the hard work out of your hands.

Once you’ve decided what to digitize, Legacybox sends you a pre-paid box for you to pack your home movies, photos, and yes, even that embarrassing film of your toddler days. In a few weeks, you’ll receive the digital files along with your original media. One of the most popular services they currently offer is the conversion of eight millimeter, sixteen millimeter, and Super 8 film. Other converted media types include photos, film, VHS tapes, camcorder tapes, and film reels.

The all-in-one kit company, currently under the Southtree umbrella company, was founded by Adam Boeselager and Nick Macco and recently moved to a 38,000-sq-ft production warehouse as their new headquarters.

Legacy-box-2For Hypepotamus, Legacybox talks about the benefits of digitizing memories, why it matters to do every order by hand, and being an emerging startup in the Southeast.

When did Legacybox start helping others preserve their media?

Legacybox launched in the fall of 2014 but it’s parent company has been around and digitizing home movies, photos and film since 2009. We’re proud to have over 130 employees.

What inspired the idea? 

As a high schooler, Adam Boeselager realized the need in his own family and later launched the company in his college dorm with his roommate, Nick Macco. Legacybox was launched a few years later as a way to make the process of digitally preserving your old media easy and simple.

How does the Southeast weave into your story?

We love having our state-of-the-art processing facility in Chattanooga, TN. Our highly-trained technicians process every order here by hand, orders are never outsourced.

What’s your pitch for those on the fence?

Your home movies, photos and film are deteriorating in your closet. You can preserve them digitally with Legacybox so you can relive them, again and again. We send you a Legacybox, you fill it with any formats in your collection. Welcome guide, round-trip shipping & crush proof box included. Barcoding with online order tracking ensures your memories stay safe throughout the whole process. When your Legacybox is ready, just hand it to your mail man. Every kit includes a pre-paid shipping label. In a few weeks, you’ll receive your memories back on DVDs or digital files if you add an optional thumb drive.

What problem are you solving?

Legacybox helps people easily digitally preserve their old media, probably tucked away in their closet or attic. Because life’s too short to forget.

Legacy-box-5What are the advantages for using Legacybox? What are the benefits as a large family?

We’ve served over 250,000 families and created over 1 million DVDs and digital files for customers all over the country. Plus, with Legacybox, everything is included. Round-trip shipping, a crush-proof box, a welcome guide and checklist, barcoding so you always know where your recorded moments are, and of course, we do all the work, digitally converting all your items by hand.

Who are your competitors and how do you stand out?

Lots of places are doing this, but vary few at scale. We’re now the largest direct to consumer brand. Legacybox makes preserving your recorded moments fun, safe and easy. With us, you always know where your recorded moments are. We also process everything by hand at our plant in Chattanooga, TN. We never outsource your treasures overseas.

Do you have any company plans/goals for 2016?

Moving forward, we’re focused on growth and looking for new ways to reach out to customers. As always, we are evolving as technologies and customers change, continually improving our products and services.

All photos courtesy of Legacybox. 

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