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LASSO Ropes Event Management with Workforce Tools

by Kiki Roeder

From the ball drop on New Year’s Eve to your favorite tech conference, there is an unseen workforce making events memorable and efficient. LASSO has roped this market with innovative technology solutions that untangle the moving pieces – scheduling, travel, payment, and performance – of the people who drive the event and entertainment industry.

LASSO has seen rapid growth since issuing its MVP earlier this year and officially product-launching in September. With $2.5 million corralled to date, the SaaS startup is also looping in clients from concert and conference producers across the nation. Why? There is little competition. LASSO is the first of its kind, a fully integrated, industry solution engineered to manage the ever-shifting and complex labor issues of event management.

“We are excited about the opportunity we have to solve problems for an underserved market,” said Angela Alea, President & CSO of LASSO. “We are really lucky because often you have to educate consumers on how your product solves their problem and convince them why you’re the one of 20 solutions out there that’s better than the others. Instead, this industry is thanking us for listening to them and working with them to solve their problems.”


LASSO was founded by its current CEO, Clay Sifford, who, after serving as the long-time owner of an event production company in Nashville, decided to meet the logistical challenges of the industry through code. Since its launch, LASSO has since built a robust software service and mobile app. Together these solutions manage workflow and workforce to guarantee that events are more successful and profitable. LASSO cuts out middleman costs and ensures that employees are efficiently managed by tasks and performance. Integration and automation make it easy to recruit and schedule talent and pay them when their work is done.

“As we were building the product, we went out and did about 400 interviews with executives in the industry. So, while we were building the technology, we were also building the pipeline,” said Alea. “We’ve had a fantastic response to our launch. We are hiring sales and marketing people to assist with the demand, which is a good problem to have.”



LASSO is excited to be building its team. The startup has based its operations in Greater Atlanta, with offices in Alpharetta and at the Atlanta Tech Village. The decision to move from Nashville to Atlanta was based on the ability to find great talent. “Atlanta leads the Southeast when it comes to access to great technology talent and resources,” stated Alea.

“I’m excited about our team. We are fortunate to have such a talented group of people who are passionate about our clients and solving their problems.  Having good people isn’t good enough if you want to build something great.”

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