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WhatCounts? Personalized Messaging & Customer Service

by Raven Davis

WhatCounts provides customized email campaign production services, flexible technology for customer communication, data management & integration, and content automation. Whew. That’s a mouthful. To sum it up, WhatCounts has been ushering us into the future of email marketing since 2001.

WhatCounts’ strategy relies heavily on achieving a significant ROI by delivering dynamic, personalized messages to potential customers. “Today’s subscribers are intelligent, and they know a generic e-blast when they see one,” explains WhatCounts’ Digital Marketing Coordinator, Joy Ugi. “Email has evolved into a sophisticated tool that lets you send the right message to the right person at the right time.”

The WhatCounts business model is 80% SaaS-based (with their professional service offerings accounting for the remainder of their revenue). Their target audience is marketers who need to reach folks via email and want to deploy a campaign in an easier and more effective way. “The best part is…marketers hardly have to lift a finger,” says Ugi.

WhatCounts’ founder and CEO, Allen Nance, is no stranger to tech startups. Nance is also currently working with Atlanta’s Insightpool and Springbot, as well as being the cofounder of TechSquare Labs. His hustle has contributed greatly to the success of WhatCounts. The company has received several awards over its 13 year lifespan, including being named an INC 500 company three times and being named one of Georgia’s most innovative companies by TAG in 2009.

Another factor contributing to the company’s success is its focus on customer service. In addition to 27/7 live support, WhatCounts also provides an in-house/full-service agency model with Agents of Email. We believe it’s essential our customers can talk to someone who empathizes with problems they are having and with whom they can walk through strategies and best practices,” explains Ugi.

WhatCounts currently has locations in Seattle, Sydney and Baltimore, although their heart and headquarters remain in Atlanta. “Atlanta has always been front and center in our story,” Ugi tells us “as a booming center of technology and startup fever, we feel this southern city is the best place for an email marketing hub.” Nance is an Atlanta loyalist and firm believer in the strength of the email marketing cluster located here, which he approximates is around 2,500 people strong.

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